Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where are some lost treasures in New York?

Not too many people would consider the state of New York or any other state in the New England area of the US to hold treasures, however, there are lost treasures here dating back to the early settlers, the Revolutionary War, and even money from train robberies was buried in New York. Here is a list of the most popular lost treasures still unfound.

In Lewis county - A cache of valuables, including a heavy chest of gold, was buried by the French near Deerlick Rock. 
Ghost Town(GT) -  Diana, 2 1/2 miles of NE Natural Bridge.
GT - Jerden Falls, 4 miles NE of Indian River.
GT - Windecker, 3 miles ESE of Bellwood.
GT - Parkers, 1 mile S (GT) Rector

In Niagara county -  the steamer Alexander sank at Youngstown in 1915.  Salvage value listed at $50,000. 
The Monarch wrecked off Toronto Canada with 250 ton cargo in 1856. 
Ghost town(GT) - Elberta, on RR, 2 1/2 miles NE of Ransomville.
GT - Wilson Station, on RR,  2 miles SE of Wilson.
GT - Pendleton Center, 4 miles NW of Millersport.

In the Blenheim Mountains, it is believed that the Indians that raided white settlements hid all the valuables at the peak of the mountains.

In Jefferson county -  A cache of 20,000 British Pounds is said to be buried near Point Peninsula.
The Sir Robert Peel sank in the St. Lawrence river in 1838 at Collins Landing carrying a British payroll of $150,000 and $100,000 in gold and jewelry.  
Unidentified British payroll ship sank near S end of Wolf island $30,000 on board. 
The S.J. Brooks sank in Sackets Harbor with #180,000 in gold coins aboard. 
Possible buried chests in Redwood. 
GT - Bishop Street, 2 1/2 miles E of Henderson. 
GT - Tremaines, 2 1/2 miles SE of Rodman.

A payroll chest that was intended for soldiers of the Revolutionary War was forced ashore in Chaumont Bay. The chest was buried by a large oak tree, since it could not be carried, for safekeeping until a later date. The chest has never found.

In Herkimer county  -  A wealthy hermit is thought to have buried a large cache of money near Slip road N of Herkimer.
Spanish reales were found on a hill at the junction of Military Road and highway 29 N of Herkimer.
GT - Beaver River, 1 1/2 miles S(GT) Brandreth Lake
GT - Parts, 2 1/2 miles E of Big Moose
GT -  Clearwater, 4 miles N of Old Forge
GT - Trenton Chasm, 2 miles NW of Gravesville

In Montgomery county - Church treasures from the Chapel of Queen Ann are thought to be buried near Auriesville.
A large amount of treasure is thought to be buried at or near Switzer Hill. 
Outlaw loot is buried at or near Stone Arabia at a place called Klock's Field.
GT - Freybush, 2 1/2 miles S of Fort Plain.
GT  - Rex, 3 miles N of Salt Springville.
GT - Charleston, 5 miles NW of Burtonsville

The Loomis gang during their raids buried $40,000 in silver and gold coin in the Montezuma Swamp close by the Seneca Falls. 
In Washington county - Robert Gordon is said to have buried a chest of wealth near Whitehall or at the bottom of Hudson Barge Canal. 
GT - Wright, 4 miles NE of Putnam Station
GT - Cummings, 2 miles S of (GT) Wright
GT - Shelving Rock, 10 miles due W of Whiteall.

In Chautauqua county - The Atlantic sank between Dunkirk and Erie, taking with her $60,000 in coinage. 
Numerous caches from robberies are thought to be located Panama Rocks.
The Washington sank in 1834 off Silver creek - number of coins unknown. 
The steamer Erie  sank near Silver creek with $100,000 in gold and silver coins. 
The steamer Dean Richmond sank in Oct. 1893 - a few miles NE of Dunkirk with $191,000 of gold bullion aboard. 
GT - Prospect Station, 3 miles E of Westfield.
GT - Lilly Dale, 1 1/2 miles W of Cassadaga. 

After a train robbery in 1895, the loot in the amount of $40,000 was placed in a cast iron kettle and buried. It is buried around ½ miles from Geneva. Today this area would be east of the Big Oak Golf Course and Pre-Emption Road. 

In Wayne county -  Several caches of family valuables are thought to be buried near Sodus Point possible know as Sill Estate. 
In the 1930's, several hundred French coins were discovered on or the beach near North Wolcott.
GT - North Huron, 2 1/2 miles SE of Lake Bluff
GT - Lummisville, 2 1/2 miles S of Lake Bluff
GT - Zurich, 3 miles NNE of Fairville.

In Sullivan county - A large amount of Tory treasure in concealed in a cave in the Shawanjunk Mountains near Summitville.
A cache known as Faquer Treasure - consisting of $50,000 in gold coins is buried near Bethel. 
GT - Beaverkill, 3 miles SW of Lewbeach
GT - Wamsley, 4 miles E of Rockland
GT - Tennanah, 5 miles SW Roscoe on n edge of Long Lake
GT  - Aden, 3 miles NW of Neversink

Many early settlers buried their treasures and valuables in case of Indian attacks. One such story is of an early resident that buried his fortune on Grand Island in Lake Erie.

In Hamilton county  - A French payroll hidden inside a cannon is thought to be buried near Dug Mountain.
Near a notch in Dug Mountain, between Silver and Hatchery Brooks is a lost silver mine once operated by the English 
In 1880's, a gold vein was found near Wells.
GT - Robinwood, on RR, 4 miles SW of Sabattis.
GT - Deerland, 3 miles SW of Long Lake
GT - Eagle Nest, 3 1/2 miles W of Blue Mountain Lake

In Delaware county - Outlaw loot is buried at or near Money Point. The Lost Dutch Silver Mine is located somewhere in the Catskill Mountains. May also be in Ulster or Greene Counties.

Another resident back in the early 1800’s was Moses Follensby. He buried $400,000 in gold and silver coins close by his cabin. The cabin was at the north end of Follensby Pond just where the Branch enters into the lake. The cabin was supposed to be close to the beginning of the brook that led into the pond. The location of where the cabin once stood is a southwest of Tupper Lake. Outside Warsaw about two miles west, other early residents buried $45,000 in gold coins on the Rogers farm.

In Erie county -  $150,000 to $175,000 in British gold is thought to be buried at or near Colden.  
 The hermit Clairieux supposedly buried several chests of treasure on Grand Island.
 The Dean Richard sank off Jerusalem Corners taking $191,000 in gold and silver coins. 
The steamer Anothony Wayne in 1850, 6 miles NW of Buffalo carrying cargo and $96,500 of gold coins. 
The Dakotah sank in Lake Erie off Angola shore carrying $500,000 of copper and $50,000 in cash.
GT - Pavement, 3 miles E of Lancaster.
GT - Fenton, 1 1/2 miles ESE of Brant.
GT - Concord, 4 miles SE of New Oregon.

St. Lawrence county - Lord Amherts buried $100,000 in gold coins on Treasure island during the Revolution.
Rumors of buried treasure by French soldiers in the area of Fort Levis on Chimney Island below Ogdensburg.
River pirate Patterson buried a large cache in 1813 on banks of Chippewa creek.
GT(ghost town) - Louisville landing, 5 miles W of Massena
GT - Converse, 6 miles ENE of Potsdam
GT - Harper, 3 1/2 miles SE of Parishville
GT - Eddy, 2 miles NE of Dekalb Junction
GT - Osborneville, 7 miles ESE of Pope mills
GT - Hollywood, 7 miles NW of Childwold

Franklin county - $175,000 in gold coins was buried by Mt. Colden by a defecting British officer.
The Lost Warren silver mine is located somewhere in the Adirondack mountains.
GT- Derrick, 12 1/2 miles due W of Lake Clear
GT - Ampersand, 1 1/2 miles SW of Saranac Lake
GT - Coreys, 8 miles E of Tupper Lake

Monroe county - The E.A. Rae sank in 1889 at Braddock point with a salvage value of $7,500.
GT - Otis, 3 miles NE of Clarkson
GT - Ogden, 3 miles SW of Spencerport
GT - Fish Ponds, 1 mile W of Mumford
GT - Cedar Swamp, 1 miles S of Henrietta

Thursday, March 25, 2010

No Luck

I went along a path of the Erie canal that's close to my house. No luck today, just some pull tabs, foil and one memorial penny. I was hoping it was an old coin, but no dice. At least I got about an hour in. I will have to wait until the weekend to do some more hunting as Friday is expected to be cold.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rain today

Well it's raining today and the weather is supposed to be cooler the rest of the week. Looks like I'll be doing some research to see where I can hunt this weekend. Going to try and search for some older coins this time.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Over half century

Today was a good day of hunting. I ended with a total of 68 coins -  adding up to over $6. The pics will be shown tomorrow as I am cleaning the coins. Some were pretty dirty and need attention. I did manage another ring and a dollar coin.

                                                              Coin count 2010 
                                                                  50 - Q
                                                                  30 - D
                                                                  13 - N     
                                                                  74 - P
                                                                   1 - wheat  - 1949
                                                                   2 - Dol
                                                                 170 coins - $18.91 total
                                                                    4 - silver rings