Sunday, January 11, 2015


2014 was good year - netting 30 silver coins and over 185 wheat pennies.   It was a difficult year as well - mainly trying to find places to hunt.  I did manage to find my first 1909 Lincoln penny - actually 2 of them and I had my best buffalo nickel totals  (9) and finding an old coin spill.  I also had 3 walking liberty half dollars and 4 large cents.
2015 looks like the way of traveling.  I've talked to T and D and it looks like hitting the road is the game plan.  I know no matter where we go other hunters have probably hit the areas but it's new ground to us.  Research, talking to people and getting permission to hunt private property will be my best resource.
As for my wish list I'm  still looking for a barber quarter, always the 1800's coins (had 7 last year), and  jewelry.  The ever popular seated or bust cap comes to mind.   Again I was skunked with dollar coins so either old or clad would be nice. 
I'm looking forward to the new year - hope to take advantage of my opportunities when ever I can get out or find a place to hunt and enjoy the great outdoors.   I wish everyone a safe and successful hunting season.