Friday, April 23, 2010

Old and new tot lot

Went to 2 tot lots today and found a fair amount of clad - 1 wheat penny 53-d and some junk and a broken bracelet.  Total coins was 46 - over 3 bucks. So overall it wasn't a bad day.

                                                            Coin count 2010                                             
                                                                   Q -100
                                                                   D -87
                                                                   N -47
                                                              1 - nickel - 1947    
                                                                    P - 193
                                                              1 - Indian head - 1864
                                                              3 - wheats  - 1949,46,53-d
                                                              2 - Dol
                                                                   436 coins
                                                                   $40.04 total
                                                              4 - silver rings

Short hunts.

I've been out only briefly the last few days - one day showing a co-working the detector and how to hunt and a brief stint at a tot lot after walking the dog. Found about a buck but hopefully I'm not done yet today - as I plan to get back out there.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This diagram shows the sweeping motion and illustrates how the ground area is covered.
When sweeping, you should:
1. Slightly overlap each sweep so as not to miss any targets.  
Sweep detector over target

2. Keep the search coil parallel to the ground at all times to prevent the loss of detection of deep targets.
Operators sometimes have a tendency to lift the coil at the end of each sweep. Where possible this should be avoided because
it will cause a loss of detection depth.
Whilst sweeping, do not forget to listen for signals, especially faint ones. Beginners often dig only the very loud target signals
when in fact the faint signals may be a deep or small target.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today's hunt

Today started a little slow with the cold and rainy weather. I went out only for about a half an hour and decided it was lunch time. So after lunch I went back to my son's school where I found that Indian penny, but no such luck today - just a few coins - then I went to his old school and found a 1946 wheat penny. So the day wasn't lost.

                                                              Coin count 2010                                             
                                                                     Q -87
                                                                     D -77
                                                                     N - 38
                                                                1 - nickel - 1947    
                                                                      P - 164
                                                                1 - Indian head - 1864
                                                                2 - wheat  - 1949,46
                                                                2 - Dol
                                                              373 coins - $34.99 total
                                                               4 - silver rings

1800 club

Yaaahoooo - I finally joined the 1800 club finding my first coin dated in the 1800's. It is an Indian head penny dated - 1864. It is in rough shape though so getting a picture may be difficult. I found it at my son's school - I couldn't tell what it was when I dug it up.- it looked and felt like a corroded zinc penny at first. I cleaned it with the rest of pennies I found and then I saw the back first and I knew it was an Indian. Now I hope I can get on this trend like the key and ring trend I get on. When I find one hopefully I'll find another. You got to love this hobby.

                                                              Coin count 2010                                             
                                                                     Q -80
                                                                     D -69
                                                                     N - 35
                                                                1 - nickel - 1947    
                                                                     P - 155
                                                                1 - Indian head - 1864
                                                                1 - wheat  - 194
                                                                2 - Dol
                                                              345 coins - $32.20 total
                                                               4 - silver rings