Saturday, December 11, 2010


Well I still am hoping to get one more day of hunting before the end of the year to try and find 3 coins for 3000 total for the year. The temp is decent today but the snow is too deep to try and hunt .  Rain in the forecast tomorrow so I hope it melts a lot of the snow. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well I think winter is officially here in Central NY with the lake effect snow finally ending today. Got close to 4 ft of snow in the last 3 days. I was hoping for one last hunt this year but not looking promising. A possible storm this coming Sunday will be worse than the last 3 days. My first full year and I think it was a good one so I can't complain. I guess it's time to do some research and get ready for the 2011 hunting season. Everybody stay warm and happy hunting.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well it's the 3rd straight day of lake effect snow with maybe the end in sight.  But there is a possible storm for Sunday into Monday bringing more snow.  I don't know how deep the snow is but it doesn't look like I will be able to get out anytime soon.  I was hoping for one more hunt this year to find 3 coins and top 3000 for the year.  We will have to wait and see. 

Monday, December 6, 2010


Didn't get out at all yesterday thanks to the snow which has been non stop.  It's still snowing and schools has been canceled or delayed.  The snow is supposed to come down all week so it may be a while till I get out again.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Went back to my second favorite school to try the detector with a new arm cup since I had it replaced yesterday. 
Found 2 wheat pennies - 1951 and one unreadable about 8" down.  I tried to get a date but no dice - it was just too corroded.  Also found a buck 23 in clad - 3-q, 4-d and 8 pennies.  With just a bit of snow on the ground I could see my tracks and was able to cover better ground.  I still hope there is silver there and not a fluke finding the one mercury dime. 

                                   2010 coin count
                               4 -   washington - 1941,53,58-d,59-d
                               1 -  standing liberty - no date
                               6 -   merc - 1923,34,35,39-d,41,44
                               3 -   Rosie - 1953-d,64,64d
                               1 -  Barber - 1904
                                    N -288
                               1 - V nickel - 1899
                               1 - buffalo - 1924   
                                    P - 1227                            
                               1 - Indian head - 1864
                               74 - wheat  - 1910,15,20(2),21,24,27,29,34,37(2),38(3),39(2),41(2),41-d,42(3),44(10),45(6),46(3),47,48,49(3),50(3),51(4),51-d,51s,52(2),52-d,53,53-d(2),54,55,56,56d,(5),57-d(2),58(2),58-d(2) - no date(1)
                               3 - Dol
                               1 - Half
                               12 - Foreign 
                                    2997 coins
                                $274.43 total
                                  $31.00 - sold jewelry
                               $305.43 - grand total
                                11 - silver rings