Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

New tot lot

Today I went to a new tot lot with a park. I did get to hunt the playground area but was not allowed to hunt in the park. I got some good hits in the park and it would be a gold mine but they don't allow digging. Still I had a good day at the swings.

                                                                  Coin count 2010                                             
                                                                         Q -77
                                                                         D -67
                                                                         N - 34     
                                                                         P - 151
                                                                   1 - wheat  - 1949
                                                                   1 - nickel - 1947
                                                                   2 - Dol
                                                                 335 coins - $29.16 total
                                                                    4 - silver rings


As promised here are the pics from Wednesday hunt. As you can see I am starting a key collection

                                                             Coin count 2010                                             
                                                                      Q -70                                                                                                                                                             D -59
                                                                      N - 27                                                                  
                                                                      P - 136
                                                                1 - wheat  - 1949
                                                                2 - Dol
                                                              296 coins - $27.11 total
                                                               4 - silver rings
                                                               1 - junk ring

Thursday, April 15, 2010

missing camera

Well I was going to show my last findings in tot lot where I've previously hunted. I found my first of 2 bracelets - 65 cents and 2 more keys. I'm getting quite a key collection now. One of the family members has taken the camera so I will have to post the pics as soon as I can retrieve it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

morning hunt

I did get a chance to hunt for about an hour this morning. I found some clad and a couple of bracelets. Also some more keys. I am starting a key collection. Pics will be posted tomorrow.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tip of the week - Sweeping

General Techniques For Metal Detector Operation
Operating a metal detector to achieve the best performance from it and to increase the likelihood of finding targets requires
some basic and easily learned skills. The following is a description of the basic operating techniques for the metal detector.
 your detector

The most basic detecting technique and the first that operators need to master is sweeping. This is the moving of the search
coil from side to side across the ground in order to find buried targets.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Today's hunt

I went back to the park by my house and to a school. I found a total of 48 coins - one junk ring and an earring along with a Chuck E cheese token. Overall not a bad day.

                                                                  Coin count 2010                                             
                                                                         Q -69
                                                                         D -57
                                                                         N - 24    
                                                                         P - 131
                                                                   1 - wheat  - 1949
                                                                   2 - Dol
                                                                 285 coins - $26.46 total
                                                                    4 - silver rings
                                                                    1 - junk ring

Coin shooters

Coin shooters are people who look specifically for old coins, the older the better. They love the Colonial coins, and they spend a lot of time doing research too. They locate old inns, taverns old stagecoach runs, old wooden bridges, and creeks, ghost towns - places that have a history.
I went out yesterday to a park close to my house that I've hunted several times before. I've had some decent luck there finding 3 silver rings and a good amount of clad. But it's a small park so I wasn't expecting to find much. I did manage a buck 25 and a total of 25 coins. Must be I haven't done a good job of detecting there. I will have to go back. I found my 3rd key in the last 2 hunts. Looks like a trend.

                                                                 Coin count 2010                                             
                                                                         Q -60
                                                                         D -48
                                                                         N - 20     
                                                                         P - 105
                                                                   1 - wheat  - 1949
                                                                   2 - Dol
                                                                 237 coins - $22.85 total
                                                                    4 - silver rings