Saturday, January 1, 2011


Just had my first hunt for the year - went to a school where I had found wheat pennies and silver coins but the area I wanted to hunt had solid ice on it so I had to try the ball fields.  Found a lot of junk - only 4 pennies one being my first wheat of the year - 1950 and a key.  I walked all over those fields - thought I would find more but.... oh well at least I found something.

                                               2011 COIN COUNT

                                                             Q -
                                                             D -
                                                             P - 3
                                                             wheat -1 - 1950
                                                             DOL -
                                                             HALF -
                                                             FOREIGN -
                                                             # OF COINS(clad) - 3
                                                             # OF COINS(total) - 4 
                                                             TOTAL $ - 3 cents
                                                             RINGS -
                                                             zinc pennies - 2


The new year is here and it's time to start with a new coin count.  Hope to get started today with the nice weather and the snow that melted overnight to expose most of the ground.   Just going to be muddy.  

                                                    2011 COIN COUNT

                                                             Q -
                                                             D -
                                                             P -
                                                             DOL -
                                                             HALF -
                                                             FOREIGN -
                                                             # OF COINS  -
                                                             TOTAL $ -
                                                             RINGS -


Well it's a new year and new rewards are waiting to be dug up.  I would like to surpass my last years totals but I think it's going to be harder unless I do a lot of traveling.  Everyone have a happy new year.

Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 GOALS

It's going to hard to top this years findings with all the silver coins and wheat pennies.  I would like to find $300, 10 silver coins and 50 wheat pennies.  A gold ring or jewelry would be great and a few more coins in the 1800's range.

My total findings from this year and last is - 824 q, 883 d, 330 n, and 1433 pennies for a grand total of $369.59.  82 wheat pennies and 42 rings. 


Went back to the school down the road with the nice weather.  It wasn't bad hunting - about 2-3" of snow on the ground - had to move it with my foot when I needed to dig but not a problem.  I managed to find 13 coins to bring my years total to 3010.  My take was 76 cents - 1-q, 3-d, 3-n and 6 pennies and a cross.   I fell short of my goal of $300 but there is always next year. Overall I had a great year finding 15 silver coins, over 70 wheat pennies and some old nickels.  I will have to set my goals for next year.

                                 2010  TOTAL coin count
                               4 -   washington - 1941,53,58-d,59-d
                               1 -  standing liberty - no date
                               6 -   merc - 1923,34,35,39-d,41,44
                               3 -   Rosie - 1953-d,64,64d
                               1 -  Barber - 1904
                                    N -291
                               1 - V nickel - 1899
                               1 - buffalo - 1924   
                                    P - 1233                            
                               1 - Indian head - 1864
                               74 - wheat  - 1910,15,20(2),21,24,27,29,34,37(2),38(3),39(2),41(2),41-d,42(3),44(10),45(6),46(3),47,48,49(3),50(3),51(4),51-d,51s,52(2),52-d,53,53-d(2),54,55,56,56d,(5),57-d(2),58(2),58-d(2) - no date(1)
                               3 - Dol
                               1 - Half
                               12 - Foreign 
                                    3010 coins
                                $275.19 total
                                  $31.00 - sold jewelry
                               $305.43 - grand total
                                11 - silver rings

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Flying Eagle cent

History - The coin was designed by James Longacre and was minted from 1856 to 1858.  The 1856 Eagle cent was not an authorized mint issue.  In 1858, there was a "large letter" and "small letter" variety produced. An easy way to tell the difference between large-letter and small-letter varieties is to look at the word 'America.  The A and M in the word AMERICA are joined in the large letter variety and separated in the small letter variety.  The most valuable being the 1856 in EF40.  I would love to find one of these - thought I did but it turned out to be a canandian penny with a seagull on the back.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The weather is supposed to warm up by the weekend .   I hope I have a chance on Friday to get out and hunt for my 3 coins to get 3000 for the year.  Saturday it's going to be close to 50 so maybe I can start the new year off right.  Time will tell.