Monday, August 9, 2010

Liberty Seated Half Dollar

History: They began minting Liberty Seated Halves in 1839 to 1892.  Important to note that this coin was in circulation during the Civil War. The thick edge around the outside is called a reeded edge. The designer was Christian Gobrecht and it has a weight 13.36 grams. The composition is .900 silver and .100 copper.  The most valuable half dollars are... an 1853O, 1873S, 1870CC, 1878CC, or any of them made between 1879 and 1890 are worth some bucks, probably because there were so few of them made.  CC stands for Carson City.  Seated Liberty coins featured a few minor design changes over the years.  In 1853 and 1873, the U.S. Mint changed the weight of each denomination of silver coins.   Both times, arrows were added to the coins on each side of the date and  were removed from coins in 1856 and 1875,  I would love to find a coin like this - my only half dollar find is a JFK.

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