Monday, November 22, 2010

Three-Year-Old Finds £2.5 Million Treasure with Metal Detector

Gold Pendant
A three-year old boy playing with his grandad’s metal detector struck gold when he found treasure worth an estimated £2.5million - a 500-year-old gold locket.
James Hyatt struck gold when he unearthed the 16th century artifact in a field on his very first outing using a metal detector.
Experts believe it is one of only four of its kind in Britain and could have belonged to royalty.
The 2.5cm pendant has a picture engraved on the front of the Virgin Mary clutching a cross and five bleeding hearts on the back.
Its sides carry the names of the three kings who visited Christ after his birth. It has been officially declared treasure and will be offered for sale to the British Museum and other institutions.
A similar artifact was bought for £2.5million by York museum.
The proceeds will be split between the unnamed landowner and James’s family.
This find was made with an Fisher F75. The Fisher F75 as well as many other top-of-the-line detectors are readily available at Kellyco. If you felt inspired by this story and would like start your own search for treasure, make sure to visit Kellyco to find the perfect detector to suit your needs.

I'm happy just to find silver.  One of these days - I hope.

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