Monday, September 24, 2012


I started at a school Sunday morning then got a text from a friend about hunting a house built in the 1870's so I met up with him.  The main road was now the driveway and we started to hunt along that then went to an area where the barn was.  My friend found a couple of clad coins and I found a zincoln. There was a ton of metal plus the power lines over head made it difficult to detect - lots of noise. We hope to go back and hunt by the house - which we didn't get a chance to do.  Then I briefly hunted my friend's property which is also old - no luck - I think he found everything. Then I went to watch my Steeler's play and lose - hopefully next Sunday will be better - detecting wise - the Steeler's are off next week.  I did find 2 pennies at the school so 3 overall - not worth the coin post.

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