Monday, December 17, 2012


I started out by trying a new spot which ended up not too promising.  Then I went to try another location then it started to rain.  So on my way home the rain had stopped and I was by a area I've hit before finding wheat pennies - figured why not.  Glad I did.  I found a wheat and a couple memorials which surprised me because they were a few inches down.  Then I got a high hit  - 88 or .50 cents - another piece of metal, but I had to dig it - then I saw a round silver thing then realized it was a coin.  My first walker half about 5 inches down.  Not sure of the date - it's really worn.  Then I really hit the area hard - I did manage a ring - heavy but no marking inside.  So it turned out to be a good hunt after all. 

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