Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2012 wasn't a good year for clad and money totals.  I found about half of what I found the last 2 years in both.  I did however have my best year for 1800's coins my best silver day finding 4.
I don't expect my clad and cash to increase this year as  (1)it is getting harder to find spots that haven't been hunted, (2)I plan on doing more hunts in the woods and areas that may produce older coins and (3)the weather has to cooperate - last summer just got too hot and the ground to hard.
     Still my goal this year is to find at least 2000 coins and about $150 in change(way down from the last couple of years) - over 100 wheat pennies and 25 silver coins. Plus do some traveling to find new spots.
     On the wish list is of course is everyone's favorite - a seated liberty - I'm finding the right years with the pennies but would love to find some silver.  Also a shield nickel which is in the same era. I've only found 1 barber silver - a dime so a quarter makes the list.  I was fortunate enough to find a 2 cent piece so a 3 cent piece would be awesome.  Gold is always on the list  - any kind or shape.
I plan on doing a ton of research this winter since the snow looks like it's going to be on the ground for a while.  Last year I was hunting in January but that's last year.  By the way things are looking it probably won't be until March when I can swing the detector again - hopefully.  
I hope everyone has a happy new year and achieves what goals they have set for themselves.  Good luck and HH.

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