Sunday, August 18, 2013


J and I hit the road and tried some areas that I had found on some old maps.  The first location was over grown and a ton of woods - the locals have heard of the park we wanted to hunt but we will have to wait until the fall to get to it.  We hit the local school and only found clad.  We tried a couple of other areas and J found a couple of wheat pennies and I found just one.  We then tried another park I had found but it was right smack in the middle of town and we just weren't sure if we could hunt it.  We came upon a couple of more sites - one looked too new and the other had a concert going on so we decided to call it quits.  Even on the road it's still hard to find a good place to detect.  My take for the day was a wheat penny and about 2 bucks in clad.  I still have to clean the coins before I get some pics.

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