Sunday, August 11, 2013


I met up with J and we headed to a park that was around in a 1875 map.  Wasn't a big park but had history to it so we gave it a shot.  About 20 minutes into the hunt my friend D calls and I said for him to meet us there - he had hunted this park before but didn't find anything.  Before D got there J and I hunted an area close to a church across the street.  So D arrived, chatted for a few then went back to detecting.  Well about 15 minutes later I can see and hear D getting excited.  He said he had just found a seated liberty dime.  Both J and I missed it but D found it.  So that gave us a little more incentive to do some serious hunting - but to no avail.  At least someone found something good out of the park - tons of junk and little coins.  Good for D.  We then hunted another park with the same kind of history - this time nothing for all of us and we hit the local fire dept. and community center finding nothing.  My haul for the day was about 10 coins - J not much better and D came up the big winner.  Will post my terrific findings later, if I get out today I hopefully can add something good.

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