Wednesday, January 1, 2014


2013 was my best year so far - finding 50 silver coins and over 260 wheat pennies.   My goal is that I can top that but it will be a challenge.  I did manage to cross off some coins from the wish list - finding my first seated dime, a Ben Franklin half, and getting my first dime trifecta.  I also found my first gold ring.
So in 2014 I hope to get another seated but this time not a dime,  still looking for a barber quarter, more 1800's coins (only 2 last year), and more jewelry. I was skunked with dollar coins so either old or clad would be nice.   I plan on doing water detecting this year since I got the AT Pro and some more travel.  I plan to hunt with T, K, J and D so between us we have some nice areas to detect.   I will be doing research again and try to get permission to hunt private property.
I look forward to the new year - and will take advantage of my opportunities when ever I can get out or find a place to hunt.  I wish everyone a safe and successful hunting season.

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