Friday, January 1, 2016


                                         HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY HUNTING

2015 was an interesting year - my hunting buddy moved to California,  found my second ever 1800's silver coin and nothing from the bucket list.
Hopefully this year I can scratch off some coins from the list.   That elusive barber quarter is still evading me so that's #1 for this year.  Gold always makes the list and I'm hoping for a cap bust.  I did manage over 40 silver coins and 150 wheat pennies plus some large cents.  The nickel count was down - no V nickels last year.  Looks like travel again is in the cards along with research - I did find some new spots and a couple panned out.  As alwasy I'm looking forward to the new year - hoping to take advantage of my opportunities when ever I can get a chance to find a place to hunt and enjoy the great outdoors.   I wish everyone a safe and successful hunting season.

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