Monday, January 1, 2018


2018 - time is flying by.  Well here is my wish list for the new year.  Again that dreaded barber quarter tops the list.  I did have my best year finding barber dimes (4) in 2017 and hope to keep finding them in 2018.  As always a gold coin is up there along with a key date coins.  I got back on the scoreboard finding some large cents and getting my oldest American coin  - 1800 draped bust penny.  I had some luck with 1800's coins finding 7 of them.   I also found a 10k gold ring - 13 rings in all.   My wheat penny total improved finding well over a 100 and a bit better on the silver count.  I did do some travel and hunted some permissions which I plan to do more of this year. 
With the current weather the way it looks like I won't be out for some time so it's research and talk to people about getting permissions.  I'm hoping to get some of the bucket list coins and relics.  Hope everyone has a safe, prosperous hunting season in 2018. 

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