Friday, March 19, 2010

Good day

I'm glad I took the day off. The weather was great and hunting was fabulous. First I tried to go to Pratts Falls, but it was closed. So I went to the north side of Syracuse with another hunter to some ball fields. The hunt started a little slow then we discovered more ball fields off in the distance. These fields yielded some nice clad. I had a total of $4.29 and I think my friend got close to $5.00. We both had very good quarter counts. So far this is the best total of the year. Still have the weekend so we hope to hunt some more.

                                                             Coin count 2010
                                                                  36 - Q
                                                                  13 - D
                                                                  12 - N     
                                                                  39 - P
                                                                   1 - wheat  - 1949
                                                                   1 - Dol
                                                                 102 coins - $12.29 total
                                                                    3 - silver rings


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