Saturday, March 20, 2010

Prizm II detector

This is the Prizm II detector by White's.  White's has a very good reputation for responding to any problem that you may have. I had a question and e-mailed the company and received a response the next day.
This detector is the low end of the Prizm's starting price between $200 and $250. It is a very good starter detector which is what I was doing. Now that I have become hooked on detecting I plan to upgrade to better detector which will be a White's. This detector is light weight about 2 pounds,  target ID display, pinpoint in all metal mode along with an 8" search coil. Pinpointing is a great feature because once you find a target, you can place the coil over the target and the sound will change to let you know that you are over the target. Other detectors have to be moving to hear the target - with the Prizm's pinpointer - you don't need to keep moving the coil.The ID display lets you see what type of metal you have found. It is quite accurate. It may miss depending on the size of the target but it usually right on. I would recommend this detector to someone who is just starting out.

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  1. I'm brand new to Metal Detecting and having a little fun with it. Not getting much but really haven't done any serious hunting yet. March 16, 2010 was my first hunt and it was at our local beach. It yielded very little but I guess that's how one learns. It takes patience and is quite relaxing.