Friday, May 7, 2010

Digging the Object Tip of the week

Once you have pin-pointed the target, clear the surface material and check the hole again for the signal. If there is no signal,
then the target is amongst the surface material. In this case, search the area until you have located the target.
If, however, the signal is still there, remove a few inches of soil from the surface of the ground. If the target in not visible, sweep
the coil over the hole again. The signal should become louder. If it does continue your digging.
Take care of how you dig. A swift blow to an object with a pick could deface a valuable coin or split a piece of gold in two.
If the object is not clearly visible you might need to scan the soil which has been dug up, so be sure to pile the soil carefully
whilst digging. There are two methods of scanning this soil:
Spread the soil out, then sweep the coil over it to locate the target. (Be sure that there is no object buried in the ground below
the soil).
Lay the coil on its side near the hole. Pick up a handful of soil from the pile and pass it across the coil. If there is no signal then
place the soil in a second pile away from the first and grab another handful of soil. Continue this process until you receive a
signal; the target is now in you hand. Sift through the soil until the object is located.
Once the target has been recovered it is a good idea to run the detector over the hole again to make sure that there are no other targets to be found.
Once a target has been found, there is a high chance that more targets are close by, so it is advisable to search the surrounding
area extremely carefully.
Some like to use pinpointers. there are many on the market.

Remember, always refill any holes dug.

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